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  • Turn A Passion Into  Lifestyle. Capture The Vision, Transform The Home and Escape the 8 to 6 Race.
  • Learn How To Ditch Your Job and Partnering Up with Homeowners

Homes Sell For More If Renovated First

There are many reason why people choose to sell their homes but many owners give away value because they can’t afford to make the needed repairs. Find Your Opportunity to Add Value


Live Your HGTV Passion. Design Your Life and Career

What type of a lifestyle calls for you? Can you capture a vision, communicate it to your team and carry it out to completion? Are you “Property Sisters” at heart? Follow your passions, dream and grow.

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Help Homeowners Get More And You Get Even More

When homeowners win, you win. And with 15X more available homes them the flipping market alone, this gives you the opportunity to win very big. Find the vision, build the team and Partner Up.

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About Tye Glover

Tye Glover is an author, speaker and accomplished innovation engineer having worked across numerous developmental platforms. His friendly, approachable, positive and energetic personality, as well as his affection for people and creative thinking, are the reasons behind his uniqueness. Tye helps people leverage their own experiences to develop competitive advantages for their personal goals of advancement during changing times – while instilling in them passion, focus, perseverance and commitment – the fundamental ingredients needed to achieve sustainable results.

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